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Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2018by AdminUncategorized0

Happy New Year to all of our friends, family and clients! Affinity Painting hopes that your 2018 is as special as it can be. In this article I would like to address some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Do you provide free estimates?

A. Yes, we provide free estimates. Your estimate will be conducted by one of our residential specialists in the comfort of your home. We will deliver the proposal on the spot so you do not have to wait days/weeks for an estimate.

Q. Do I have to buy the paint or is it included in your estimate?

A. Unless you have already purchased the paint, we will include the cost of paint in our estimate. It is always best for the Painting company to purchase the paint as it will save you money and time. Also, we will be using products that we are very familiar with to ensure perfect application.

Q. How long will this job take?

A. A simple answer is that every job is different, but it should be said that we calculate the amount of time that it will take to finish a job based on the amount of hours that we anticipate needing to complete. For example, we can completely paint a 12×12 room (Walls, Trim, and Ceiling) in about 10 hours.

Q. Do we have to be home while you are working?

A. We get this question often. The answer is no, you do not have to be home while we are working in your home. We have trust in our painters to respect your home and treat it with the same amount of care that they would in their own home. Of course, you are welcome to be there but it is not a requirement.

Q. What time do your painters work?

A. Our Normal work day will last from 8:30am-5:00pm. If you have a special request to start early or stay later, we are able to accommodate to suit your individual needs. Remember, it is our mission to make your painting experience as easy for you as possible.

Q. How long does it take for paint to dry?

A. It depends on the type of paint but generally speaking the paint will dry within 2 hours. Humidity and Temperature may affect the dry time. In all cases, you should wait 24 hours before rehanging pictures to allow the paint to fully “cure”.

Q. I’ve had three estimates and they are all different prices. How can I tell them apart?

A. There are three Major factors on Pricing estimates.

Labor Rate – Which can vary based on Insurance and overhead.

Amount of Prep/Detail – This is where most companies will differ. Most of the estimates I see from other painting companies do not outline HOW much detail is being put into the Prep portion of the job. This can make for a large difference in your price, and is something to watch out for as a homeowner.

Paint Quality – At Affinity Painting we choose paint based off of NEED, not budget. Other companies will try and sell you paint that is best for their margin, and not the best for your NEEDS.

Conclusion –

These are just a few of our frequently asked questions. Do you have a question for us that has not been answered in this article? Feel free to call us to discuss your project.


“Why is it important to use High-Quality paint?”

December 7, 2017by Zach BrothersPaintingProjectsUncategorized

How do I decide?

Why are there so many different paint choices? Why do the paints range from $20 per gallon to $89 per gallon? What’s the difference between the $20 paint and the High-Quality Paint? During this article I will break down the many reasons why cutting cost on paint will most often lead to higher overall costs.


When you decide to use a high-quality paint you are not only paying for the quality now, you are paying for not having to paint as frequently in the future. A high-end paint will elongate the lifespan of your paint job by up to two times.

Easier to Clean

The high-quality paints on the market do make cleaning easier than the cheaper options. We always suggest to use baby wipes to clean walls as it is non-abrasive and does not contain a lot of soap to leave a white residue on your walls. Most paints in the top tier do market themselves as being “washable”.

Coverage and Hide

While these may seem like the same there are some differences, and high-quality paint will help with both. Coverage refers to the SQ footage that one gallon can cover. As a general rule 1 gallon of paint will cover 300-400 SQ ft. The high-quality paints will be very close to the 400 number and the lower end paints will be closer to the 300 number, sometimes even less. Hide refers to the paint’s ability to cover existing colors and itself. If you are using bold colors, such as dark blues and reds it is absolutely imperative that you use a high-quality paint. You can save yourself several coats of labor and materials by choosing a better paint the first time.

Ease of Use

If you are painting yourself, you should always reach for a high-quality paint. The reason why the cheaper paints are considered to be “contractor-grade” is because they are harder to use. These paints run off of your brush and splatter from your rollers. If you are painting your own home, the high-quality paints will help you finish the job much faster.


Now for the Big Reveal!!! What does Affinity Painting use for their projects??? You guessed it, we use High-Quality paints. These paints include Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior and Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior.

If you need any painting advice or need us to come a take a look at a project that you have, book a free estimate today!


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