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November 21, 2017by AdminPainting

Cabinet Painting

What Can Painting Do For Cabinets?

Cabinet Painting or refinishing has become a very popular and inexpensive way to transform your kitchen.  You can save thousands of dollars by using your existing cabinets, and having them professionally painted.  Stained cabinets can be transformed into painted cabinets.  Dark cabinets can be made lighter. Light cabinets can be made darker.  When it comes to painting cabinets your options are as endless as your imagination.

Honey-Tone Cabinets Transformed to Antique White

Honey Cabinets Before Painting


Honey tone cabinets before their transformation…

Honey Cabinets Painted Antique White


Honey tone cabinets transformed to Antique White.  Beautiful Results!

Add some color to the inside of the cabinet to create some depth and tone while accenting other areas in the kitchen.

  • Adds dimension and depth
  • Allows bold use of color
  • Maintains classic look on the outside
  • Great for see through cabinets or enclosed

Feeling real bold?  How about red or blue cabinets to make a statement?

  • Although not the most popular these colors can be utilized in certain situations and really make a bold statement (Not just for Firefighters!)
  • Not for the light hearted
  • Brightness may cause squinting in the morning
Red Painted Cabinets

Chalky Fun!

How about some real fun with chalk paint?

  • Inside or Outside Cabinet Doors
  • Write and wipe away
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Post reminders, dinner, quotes, etc…
Small kitchen chalk paint
Cabinet Door Chalk Paint

As you can see there is no limit to what the imagination may come up with for your kitchen.  Painting is the most cost effective means of changing the look and feel of your kitchen.  We love painting cabinets and enjoy the the process of working with our customers to make their vision come true.  Schedule a consultation and see what your kitchen can be transformed into today!  Your new look awaits.

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